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Dorine de Soet

Dorine de Soet (1957, Zeist) moved to Amsterdam in 1977 where she took on different studies, for example the Amsterdam Academy for Visual Arts. In 1989 she moved to Voorst, near Zutphen. Her two children were born here. Dorine has been working in Deventer since 1996, in a gallery named ‘Bij Floors de berg op’. But since 2000 she also has her own gallery and studio in the Spittaalstraat in Zutphen.  

As a child Dorine went to a school where crafts such as drawing and painting were considered to be very important. In the meantime she worked at a riding school near Zeist from age 9 to age 19. She did not only love horses, other animals also got her undivided attention. In 1980 she started to work as a fulltime painter and she decided cows would be her returning theme.  

Dorine: ‘By choosing a theme, you notice it becoming some sort of gateway. A gateway to learning about your own style, your handwriting or ‘handpainting’ in this case, and your materials.’ Other than cows Dorine also took inspiration from livestock, pets, the Ijssel river, the cities of Deventer and Zutphen, and nature in general.

Since august 2014, she started painting the lansdcapes of the Island: Terschelling. You can watch examples of this at "archive". 

Dorine finds it compelling to start her work with collage material, to give the background some texture. ‘Every piece becomes bearer of a great mystery: what will arise to the surface, how will my background contribute to my subject? Doing this, every day, is the best thing there is.’

The result of all this is a huge collection of paintings and collages on for example canvas, linnen or paper. Dorine uses big shapes, firm lines, powerful colors, sunny vibes, cheerfulness, but also softness and a mostly pastel colors to support that.

A collection this size asks for a large exposition space, and thankfully Dorine found just that: the permanent exposition in Deventer, her own space on the ground floor of her house, and every now and then she is invited to show some of her work in another gallery. Her paintings, collages and newspaper chickens are popular both nationally and internationally. Should you wish to pay a visit to her gallery/studio in Zutphen or Deventer, please call 031624611518, or check the website for opening hours and addresses. Dorine would love to welcome you on one of these locations!

Dorine de Soet

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